LFSI-CanDeed Organization: “Sharing the Path with St. Candida Maria de Jesus”



 As the whole world is combating this deadly virus and its effects, people are coming together, helping each other, caring for each other, and looking out for one another, especially the vulnerable in the community. While the past year and the recent months have been tremendously challenging, it cannot be denied that there have been

remarkable stories of hope in the midst of all these -- one of which is the spread of St. Candida’s charism as HOPE in the midst of adversity. 


Last August 9, 2021, as the whole   Hijas family was celebrating Mo. Candida’s   109th feast day, a small mission school in Dumanjug has become a village of hope to help people who are in need, particularly the senior citizens. But more than just giving goods, it is also about making St. Candida known in the towns of Dumanjug and Ronda, Cebu.


It is with great joy and gratitude to share with all of you that one of our partners in our mission to make St. Candida, known through outreach efforts, Little Flower School Inc. in Dumanjug, has opened an organization in our movement's namesake - LFSI-CanDeed. This organization aims to embody the spiritual mission of the Oblates of Notre Dame Sisters, St. Therese of the Child Jesus, and St. Candida Maria de Jesus through the different outreach programs to meet today's challenges.


To get to know more about the organization, we were truly delighted to interview the Student Activities Coordinator himself, Mr. Ryan C. Tamelin. He generously shared responses to the following questions.


What is LFSI - CanDeed Organization?


Little Flower School, Incorporated – CanDeed Organization in Dumanjug, Cebu. An organization by the LFSI Student Activity Program Office through the Community Extension Program that focuses on helping the communities of Dumanjug and nearby towns.


How was LFSI able to get to know about Mother Candida?

      It started when the CanDeed Volunteers (former and present teachers) became partners with LFSI in the implementation of the different community pantries. LFSI has known St. Candida through the CanDeed Volunteers, who bravely initiated community pantries in our hometown, Dumanjug, and nearby municipality, Ronda, in the last months of April to June 2021.

      Through the outreach efforts extended by the CanDeed Volunteers, in collaboration with us, Dumanjug Responders Operation Networks and Emergency Services, Inc. (DRONES), and with other selfless volunteers, we learned how these simple efforts leave a big impact on the lives of the people who volunteered and most importantly to those who were on the receiving end. Aside from that, building relationships has also taken place. The virtues of Mo. Candida, love for the poor and being a brother and sister to all, was naturally reflected and felt which gave us so much inspiration.




  4 LFIS



6 LFISWhat inspired the school to start the LFSI - CanDeed Organization?


The members of the school were inspired by the CanDeed Volunteers who helped the community despite the pandemic.


As a school, the experience definitely changed and humbled us—ultimately leading us to decide to continue what we, and the others, have started, making St. Candida Ma. de Jesus known to others alongside the inspiration by our Patroness, St. Therese of the Child Jesus.



Which virtue/s of St. Candida do you, as an organization, strive to emulate?


Loving and serving the poor even going to the uttermost parts of the communities is one of the virtues of St. Candida which we believe that our Patroness, St. Therese of Lisieux the Little Flower also embodies. This is the same spirit when we serve the poor by doing small things with great love.



7 LFISWhat are the hopes and vision of the LFSI-CanDeed Organization?


The organization envisions being compassionate individuals for the poor and striving to please God always with St. Therese of the Child Jesus and St. Candida Ma. de Jesus as our models, guided by the mission spirit of the Oblates of Notre Dame Sisters;


Inspiringly, LFSI-CanDeed Organization created rays of hope for our brothers and sisters in need and shared paths with St. Candida during her feast day. The mission school may have been experiencing a dilemma in terms of extending help as they truthfully expressed that their institution is incapacitated to financially support even their own but still did it anyway, to honor St. Candida and St. Therese of the Child Jesus.



Their very first activity called “OUTREACH ON-WHEELS” was meaningfully done. They set a humble target of 43 packs of goods distributed to our brothers and sisters in the mountainous areas of Dumanjug and Ronda, most affected by the pandemic. The said organization will continue to help others and make St. Candida de Jesus known through their different outreach efforts.





Indeed, God’s love and Mother Foundress’ charism have shone through LFSI-CanDeed Organization. In this time of crisis, we have a unique opportunity to come together, to bridge humanity, truly a SHARED MISSION. Whether it’s giving blood, donating to your local food bank, checking in on your elderly neighbors, or just staying home, our seemingly small gestures in times of crisis can end up being the big gestures that can make a world of difference.


The LFSI-CanDeed Organization is proof that LOVE is still around, that HOPE is still around, and that we, not only the Hijas communities, journey as one family of God, with the loving presence of St. Candida and St. Therese of the Child Jesus, with so much hope and joy amidst challenges.


To God be all the glory!