Living Out Mo. Foundress’ Charism and Emulating Her Compassion at CHJ

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St. Candida Maria De Jesus, also known as Little Juanita, was impoverished but generous. Juanita gave food to the poor throughout her time with the Sabater family, but when asked not to, she said, "Where there is no room for the poor, neither is there  room for me." She had a strong empathy for those in need. St. Candida was a bold and simple woman who dedicated her life to God's plan. Her life was solely motivated by her desire to do God's will. 

On August 9, 2021, one with the entire Hijas de Jesus community all throughout the world, Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Inc. celebrated the 109th Death Anniversary of the foundress of the Hijas de Jesus Congregation, St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

     The feast day commenced with a virtual Eucharistic Celebration officiated by Rev. Fr. John Klenn Malificiar, SSP. In his homily, he stressed out a different meaning for the acronym “ECQ” which is “Empowerment, Charity and Quality” which every member of the Hijas de Jesus educative community must fulfill in order for Mo. Foundress to remain alive in today’s context. The Eucharistic Celebration was sponsored by the CHJ Alumni Association, CHJ Silver Jubilarians Batch 1996, CHJ HS Batch 1989, CHJ Elementary Batch 1991, Friends of St. Candida, and CHJ PTA Board.

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     Due to the constraints brought about by the pandemic, the usual omelet making was temporarily omitted. Instead, the Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus, Inc. educative community organized a community pantry through Tanza Parish to express St. Candida’s unwavering love for the poor despite the absence of the usual omelet sandwich. The recipients were given a loaf of bread and eggs collected by the CHJ family members and generous donors.

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     After the Holy Mass and the community pantry, the CHJ faculty, staff, sisters, and maintenance personnel continued the feast day with a humble lunch. Gifts and goods were also given to each CHJ Personnel and retired employee by the said sponsors.    

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      The pandemic has put many important events on hold, but CHJ Educative Community has continued its mission. Indeed, generosity restores balance in people's lives, making them more likely to achieve unimaginable success. While it may be difficult to be generous in all situations, we must remember that generosity brings people peace, prosperity, and happiness.

An impression from a participant of the said event:

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  “I am privileged and happy to have participated actively in this year’s feast of St. Candida through community pantry in collaboration with Immaculate Conception Parish of Tanza. My heart is filled with joy seeing the smiles painted in the faces of the recipients receiving their bundles of gifts. Indeed, the spirit of FILIATION was evident and kept alive on that particular day”, said Mr. Joel Pinuela, a CLE tenured teacher.