MS Holds a Virtual Prayer Concert for a Cause, Pananatili


Manresa School held a virtual prayer concert for a cause entitled Pananatili on August 28, 2021, at 7:00 pm as part of its 50th Golden Jubilee Celebration. The concert featured selected members of the Manresa School educative family reflecting on God’s abiding presence, love, and mercy amidst this pandemic. 


“We have been dealing with various challenges for fifty years. We have already passed many trials and this pandemic is one of the next ones we will soon overcome. Whatever reason you have to continue and has made you strong, I am certain that one of the main reasons is our strong faith in God that all problems will end and tomorrow will be better,” Sr. Nelida Peñaflorida, F.I., MS Legal Representative said as she welcomed everyone. She asserted, “Be strong! Have faith and always remember that God will never abandon and leave us.”


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One thing to marvel at about this concert is the testimonies given by selected members of the educative family about the values of Mother Candida being lived out today by her family which is Christ-centeredness, Filiation-Fraternity, Love for the Poor, Love for Mary, and Trust in Divine Providence. These testimonies truly show how Mother Candida inspired and influenced the lives of many people even up to this day. Each testimony was further enriched by the heartwarming performances of the singers. 

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The concert was very timely as everyone is still facing the threats of the pandemic. Indeed, the greatest weapon we can have today is to guard ourselves with faith and prayer. May this help us realize that the Lord is always with us and will never leave us.

The virtual concert was streamed on the Manresa School Official Facebook page. The production was directed by Mr. Alester Carreon, JHS English Coordinator, and edited by Mr. Francis Esmetalda, JHS Computer Coordinator and Education Technology In-charge.