Pearl 51: “It is already eight in the evening...



...and nothing has been received.  Paciencia.  The bell for supper is ringing.  Goodbye..”

Tocan las ocho y no vino nada.  Paciencia.  Tocan a cenar:  adios.”

          The phrase above is the postscript to Letter 54, where Mother Foundress talks of waiting for many things to reach her -  the approval of the Rules, news about Fr. Martin’s house (this has to do with the foundation at Tolosa), and a reply from Fr. Isidoro.  A long wait, and nothing.

         Antonio Grau has this to say: “ Simple, straightforward, and full of hope. It is late and the news that she expected does not arrive, that mail that she needed. Then what? Well, it's simply time to learn

that in the face of what we cannot change, we just have to understand and accept the situation. And, of course, leave it in the hands of the One to whom everything depends…. It is a way of understanding availability.”  He goes on to say, “I think now of Mother Candida, of those forms of communication by letters, for that important and long-awaited news. And I think of those afternoons when the news did not arrive.

           And I think of myself. It's nine o'clock in the morning of a precious day, precious alone for the fact of being alive… It's nine o'clock and I decide to live patience in the face of the letters that do not arrive, before the events that I do not understand, given the possibilities that I see and convinced that they are worth doing, but they are not understood. And it's time to keep working. Nothing more. Not with resignation, but to leave in God’s hands what is God’s. (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).


Reflection: developed only when it has been exercised much, and we opt to learn from the circumstances of life, and what life itself teaches us.

$·       In what instances have I truly exercised patience, not resigned, sullen patience filled with anger and frustration, but one of serenity and peace like Mother Foundress?

$·       What did I learn from those instances?

$·       Did God intervene in the end at the proper time and proper situation?

$·       Would you like to talk to God about this experience?