SMAD’s Call to Ecological Conversion: A Technocratic Paradigm


 Last September 29, 2021, the Educative community of SMAD, through the initiative of the RCA and the Pastoral Ministry, held another session on “Laudato Si” with Msgr. Paul Cuison, JCD as the invited speaker. He showed us the deeper root causes of the environmental crisis that Pope Francis has richly discussed in his encyclical on the call to ecological conversion on the section of technocratic paradigm – that logic and science attempt to control nature and assert power over it. 


Msgr. Paul shared his personal experience of God’s creation through the greatness and beauty of nature, which brought him closer to the Creator and discover God in all things.

It was such a meaningful session that made us deepen our own understanding of the integration of values and develop that attitude of respect to the things of the earth in many different ways and in caring for our environment.

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After the talk, some member of the community shared their insights and reflections on how they were moved and inspired to accept a more modest material lifestyle and contribute to the care for our Common Home.

Finally, Msgr. Paul made an invitation to every person on this planet to take action in doing good deeds. He said that it does not require us to show it to others and wait for their recognition. Everyone is called to continue living the value of integrity and do one's part in promoting human flourishing to save and preserve our Mother Earth.