Pearl 55: “I am glad that she is joyful...


 ...and endures this painful sickness patiently….”.”

Que me alegro de saber que tiene mucha paciencia y esta alegre en su enfermedad peňosa..”

         Sr. Josefa Ignacia is once more referred to in Letter 58.  We can see clearly Mother Foundress’ concern for a very sick young sister.  At the same time, she writes, “Visit her on my behalf and tell her I send her many blessings with the big crucifix xo that she will merit great glory.  (Tell her too) that I am glad (to know) that she is joyful and endures this painful sickness patiently….”

         Antonio Grau writes: “… there are days and times where sickness is present, where sadness occupies a place in our life,  where loneliness fills our spaces even if we are surrounded by many people.

Mother Candida was happy to receive the news that the patience of Sr. Josefa helped cope with these times that aren’t too good...

       To remain joyful and cheerful in times of illness can many times only be understood from the perspective of faith, from the trust, and from courage.  If not, sickness can bring despair and loneliness….To be joyful in illness is….giving meaning to the battle (the sickness).  It is accepting life and going on living it.  (Paraphrased by me for better clarity, for purposes of this reflection).



Sickness is something we avoid, something we loathe to have.  But at one time or another, we find out that we don’t escape from being ill.  And when we are in this condition

$·       What are the attitudes that are revealed in me when I am sick?  How do I act and react in times of illness?

$·       What thoughts and worries come to my mind?

$·       What prayers are uttered in my heart?

$·       What am I invited to accept and live?

$·       What attitudes do I wish and pray to have whenever sickness comes to visit?