I am Emelinda Falsis

I have been in the Congregation for 27 Years. I am from the Province of the Indico-Pacific

I am sent to the community of Manresa, Parañaque - Philippines

My desires for this Congregation:

I desire that the General Congregation will be sensible to the urgent needs of the times. There are many needs. I hope that it will guide us on how we can prioritize these needs. I hope that the Determinations of this General Congregation will animate all of us, Daughters of Jesus, and will help us to grow in following Jesus, poor and humble, and that we are able to listen to the voice of the Spirit.

My impressions:

I am impressed with the union of the spirits and the freedom of hearts of the members particularly during the dialogues and in the elections . Also I am impressed by dynamics and the preparation of the materials which facilitated our reflections and the familial dialogues. I am touched  to see the coincidence in the needs and preoccupations of the five provinces.

I am learning much, since it is the first time for me to participate in a general congregation.

For the lay brothers and:

I would like to  thank all the  sisters and  all the lay collaborators as they accompany  us in this general congregation. Thank you for being with us  in our search for the will of God and the good of our neighbors.

Emelinda Falsis