I am Patricia Helena Coimbra.

I have been 14 years in the Congregation and will continue growing in my being a Daughter of Jesus.

I am a Brazilian of the Brazil-Caribbean Province, I belong to the community of Leopoldina - Minas Gerais.

I feel very happy participating for the first time in the CG. It is another gift of God in my life. Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Sisters!

It is a call to contribute so that our Body continues growing in its well Being. We are already in the middle of our process of discernment and I feel that the Spirit is working in us, taking us according to where he wants to go. His grace never fails us.

To the brothers and the lay partners:

Thank you for accompanying us with your prayers, emails and messages, from the different realities. You are very much present in our celebration.

I believe that the Spirit is also working in you, preparing to welcome the newness of God that now already is appearing. We follow together the Project of the Father for his weaving of the humanity. It is very timely. It is worth the pain and the risk.

With affection, Patricia