STUNNED… that the stone was moved away.

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The first verses in John 20 describes Mary Magdalene going very early to the tomb, and upon reaching there, saw that the stone had been moved away.  After a while, Peter and the other disciple also ran there, and saw the empty tomb.

     STUNNED is the word that comes to mind when I imagine what Mary Magdalene must have felt, what Peter and the other disciple must have experienced.  To be stunned is to be astonished, amazed, dumbfounded even.  

     At times we pray for God's action, but when it comes, it defies our logic, our expectations, and we come to the conclusion that only God can ever think of something like that, be that generous, be that compassionate, but that understanding.

     When was the last time you have been stunned by an experience of amazing grace - of an experience of being saved, being listened to, being fogiven, being just given a sheer gift?

      What was God like in the experience?

      Was it also an easter experience for you, a "rising from death to life?"