Election for the Commission on the Treament of Matters and the Commission on Editing


The CTA  is formed by Mª Inez Furtado de Mendonça, Dayse Agretti, Clara Echarte and Sofía Chang.

May 3, 2019

          Today, most of us had a shorter day. In the morning, after the Eucharist, we met to elect the sisters who will be part of the Commission for the Treatment of Matters (CTA) and of the Editorial Commission.


The  Commission on Editing is formed by Raquel Amigot, Mª Carmen Martín and Yolanda Brandolín.

After forming the two commissions, we had the rest of the morning for personal work, to advance in various readings. We took the afternoon off, because the next day we will return for intense work. The CTA has remained "on call", having to prepare the work of the rest.

We finish the day as always, thanking God for having received so many good things.