Looking for God and finding Him in the most ordinary things, in the smallest tasks is not what comes to mind for most of us.

   But in John 21:12 it would seem that Jesus prepared breakfast for them. Preparing a meal, making sure one is sheltered, a comforting word, a reassuring gesture, an understanding nod, an affirming look – are these not gestures that touch the heart, gestures that Jesus would surely do to those of us who are lost, confused, in need of comfort and a little bit of kindness?

     When I was a postulant, down with the flu and homesick for motherly comfort, a sister once brought me a hot glass of Milo in the evening. That gesture might seem small, but the act of kindness for me was enormous. The Milo came at a time when I was alone as everyone was busy, when most of the sisters had gone to bed, when everyone needed rest. But I was remembered, and the sister spent time with me for my comfort, until I could sleep peacefully. Was that not a touch of God through her? After thirty four years when the experience comes back to me, I can still feel its freshness, the love that came with it.

   What have been the many touches of God in your life, in the ordinary things through people you might never have expected?

What loving hands have prepared meals for you?

From whom have words of comfort given you solace?

Where did you find the refuge of a comforting hug when you felt low?