Getting to know us

Rome, 10 May 2019

We continue to make known to you the sisters that are part of GC XVIII. Today it is the turn of Dayse Agretti, Elisa Huang and Julia Martín.


Dayse Agretti

Dayse Agretti is from Argentina, therefore, from the province of America Andina. But she has been sent to Brazil for 10 years, so she belongs to the Province of Brazil-Caribe. She has lived in Belo Horizonte since 2017 when she received the assignment to animate and accompany the province of Brazil-Caribe as Provincial Superior.

She participates in the General Congregation for the third time.

She likes to read, loves soccer and listening to the histories of persons.

Her dream is that persons experience God as the Love that humanizes.



Elisa Huang is from China, from the Province of East Asia. She lives in Hebei-Hoyu and is the Delegate of the Provincial.

She participates in the General Congregation for the first time.

Her desire is for the community to be a place of fraternity, mutual help and acceptance so that it may be a testimony of the Kingdom of God.



Julia Martin

Julia Martin is from Spain, from the province of Spain-Italy. She actually resides in Rome because she is the General Secretary.

She participates in the General Congregation for the 2nd time.

Julia likes to do good, educate, play chess and dance. She dreams of a peaceful world and is in love with the Lord, as the Song of Songs says.