Getting to Know Us (VIII)


Rome, 14 May 2019

We continue getting to know the Sisters of the GC, one for each continent. On this occasion, we have Jocelyn Salomo, Yahaira Hernández and Raquel Amigot




Jocelyn Salomo is from the Philippines but has been assigned to Taiwan, thus she belongs to the Province of East Asia. Up to now she has been General Counselor, so she lives in Rome. Now she awaits her assignment.

This is her third General Congregation
Joy's dream is that we are witnesses to Jesus and joyful Hijas de Jesús.




Yajaira Hernández is a native of Venezuela, so she belongs to the Province of América Andina. She currently resides in Rome where she is sent as General Treasurer.
This is her first General Congregation.

Yajaira likes to walk, especially in the countryside and meadows, celebrate life and give thanks to God for all the gifts he gives us each day.




Raquel Amigot is from Spain, from the Province of Spain-Italy Province. She is currently sent to Cuba, where she collaborates in the school’s project of support that is taught in four communities. She collaborates in formation in spirituality, retreats, etc. that are given to pastoral agents. She belongs to the Schools of Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

She participates in the General Congregation for the 3rd time.
Raquel likes to listen, converse, go to the mountains and the cinema. Her dream is that we make the world our home, a home in which we all enter, where we have a space and where nobody is left out. She declares herself in love with LIFE and with the possibility of giving LIFE.