More than an Audience (with POPE FRANCIS)


Rome, 15 May 2019

Today the day started a little earlier than usual. And in a different way than usual: today we went to the audience with the Pope.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning and the group of people forming a queue was already until the church of Santa Ana. In that queue there was joy, celebration, church, encounter. People from different places, newlyweds with their wedding attire, families with children, elderly people in wheelchairs, school groups with colored caps ... people with whom we already felt close to, with whom we hoped to be able to reach the Plaza San Pedro for the day’s encounter: the meeting with Francis.


At 9:10 a.m. the Pope has appeared in the square, in the open carriage, with 8 children from Libya who arrived through the humanitarian corridors. Days before, in the Marian prayer of Regina Coeli, on Sunday, April 28, he said: "I invite you to join my prayer for the refugees who are in detention centers in Libya, whose situation, which is already very serious, becomes even more dangerous due to the ongoing conflict. I appeal for the special evacuation of women, children and sick people as soon as possible through humanitarian corridors. " Today, a simple gesture, or a great gesture?

And 9:30 the audience began. In the catechesis he spoke about the last invocation of the Our Father: "Deliver us from evil". The original Greek verb is very strong, the Pope said, it evokes the presence of the evil, one who tends to grab and bite us and from which God is asked to set us free. The apostle Paul says that the evil one, the devil, is around us like a furious lion, ready to devour us and we ask God to set us free.

"With this double appeal: 'do not abandon us' and 'deliver us', an essential characteristic of Christian prayer emerges. Jesus teaches his friends to put the invocation of the Father before everything, including and above all in the moments when the evil one makes his threatening presence felt. " In fact, the Pope added, Christian prayer is a filial prayer and not a childish prayer. It is not that the paternity of God is so exalted so that we forget that the way of man is full of difficulties.

Before concluding his catechesis, Francis greeted the Spanish-speaking pilgrims telling us: "I encourage you to pray with renewed spirit the prayer that the Lord left us, and to teach it to all those around you, so that, recognizing God as Father, He may grant us peace, the most precious gift of the Risen One, stronger than any evil. "

As I was greeting the pilgrims from the different languages I sent a different message. Could it mean that the love of God is the same and different for each of us?


And after the catechesis, the moment of the encounter with him. A real privilege. We greeted each other and he talked with Graciela Francovig, who explained who we were: a meeting between two Argentinians. He knows us from Argentina and told us with great affection that we continue to work so well. He has been interested in vocations and wanted to greet in a special way "the General whom you have thrown out" giving free rein to his particular charm, wishing her now a well-deserved rest.