Eucharist with Arturo Sosa


Rome, 19 May 2019
Sunday. Day off. Day of rest. Day of going out. Of quiet prayer. Of tourism. Of re-reading the week. And of celebration.


In the afternoon we were lucky to celebrate the Eucharist with Arturo Sosa SJ, General of the Society of Jesus. In the wake of the first reading, of the Acts of the Apostles, in which it is said that Paul and Barnabas returned "encouraging the disciples and exhorting them to persevere in the faith, telling them that much must be done to enter the kingdom of God ", he commented to us the importance, when one is in a mission of government, of the visits: the importance of animating the brothers/sisters in the faith; what is learned from the places and people visited, with the richness and variety that there is; how animated one is when one returns from these places; the opportunity that the brothers/sisters have to meet each other ...

And he has highlighted from the reading of the Apocalypse the final phrase: "I do make everything new". He has invited us to ask, in this final stage of the GC, that the Lord give us the deep conviction that He has made everything new, in this Passover, in the Passage of the Lord.
With that conviction and desire we begin a new week, in which we hope to remain attentive to the Spirit, let ourselves be led by Him and distinguish between different voices, His, because only His makes all things new. We continue counting on your prayers, your encouragement and your support. Thank you.