Determination of General Congregation XVIII


Rome, 21 May 2019
Tomorrow GC XVIII will end. After a whole month of trying to listen to the Spirit, trying to distinguish His voice among so many voices coming from inside and outside of ourselves, trying to be faithful to the life coming from the world, from the different Provinces and the one that each one brought; after much prayer, reflection, discernment, coexistence, conversations, sharing, assemblies, groups; after putting our whole life into play, trying to see where God wants us in the coming years.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the Closing of GC XVIII. We have approved the Determination of GC XVIII, a recommendation to the Superior General and another document addressed to Hijas de Jesus and the lay.
Tomorrow, GC XVIII will end. We have felt that it is from the Lord. We have felt confirmation. And we firmly believe that just as He has led us, He will do so from now on in each Province, in each region, in each community and with each person who is part of the Family of Mother Candida. He makes all things new. We have before us the opportunity to recreate life with Him, to let ourselves be made for Him, to collaborate with grace.

We thank the Father for His constant presence that makes us daughters and sisters, to the Son for His total surrender that makes us disciples, to the Spirit whose soft and vital breath invites us to encourage others. We thank Mary for her life that sparks Life and for Mother Candida for her free and generous response to the dream of God.

And we thank each other, all the Hijas de Jesus and lay that are part of this great family, our desire to continue that dream and make it come alive in so many different contexts, in such diverse places, presences and circumstances.

We are grateful in a special way to the community of the Curia, their help and their gestures so that everything was ready, so that we would not lack anything, so that everyday has been made easy.

Tomorrow we will still see each other on the web and in the RRSS.

Tomorrow the GC XVIII will be closed. Starting tomorrow we find ourselves in life, kneading dreams, walking together, building the Kingdom.