Igniting the Passion to Innovate through Design for Change

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A team of educators: Sr. Emelinda Falsis, F.I. Mr. Luis Arangoso, Mr. Caesar Solas, Mrs. Brenda Garces, and Mrs. Rosalie Idulsa, who attended the Seminar on Design for Change in Rome, Italy, goes around the F. I. schools in the Philippines to transmit the Design for Change framework.

This is done upon the blessing and support of Sr. Thelma Barbarona, F.I., the Superior of Hijas de Jesus Indico-Pacific province.

The transmission had its groundbreaking in Panay island schools. This was actively participated by the teachers and staff from the five FI schools in Panay island, namely: Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus(Ilo-ilo City), St. Joseph School (Guimaras), Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepcion(Pototan), St. James Catholic High School (Maasin), and Hijas de Jesus School (Estancia). This was followed by Sacred Heart School - Hijas de Jesus, Cebu, Stella Maris School, Davao, and finally, Manresa School, Parañaque.

The series of transmissions are done to fire up the F.I. schools in the Philippines and propel them to forge a culture of innovation to become more responsive to the concerns in the different contexts of the schools.

This is hoped to bring in a fresh vigor to the F I. mission - making it more engaging for all lay collaborators, putting the learners at the frontline in discovering creative and innovative solutions to real life problems encountered in their school life, in the society, and even in their day to day personal life.

The atmosphere of excitement and openness that was felt from the gracious and responsive teacher-participants left a very promising direction for F.I. schools to see and respond to Mother Foundress invitation of universalism. This makes the F.I. schools more attuned to opportunities of glorifying God in new realities. These are ways of serving God by giving premium to the good of our neighbors as we find practical and well-discerned solutions to challenges in different situations.


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 The Team: Mr. Arangoso, Sr. Emelinda, Dr. Tumanda, Mrs Garces, and Mr. Solas. (Mrs. Idulsa, not in picture )