Heaven is REAL!

"AS HE BLESSED THEM HE PARTED FROM THEM AND WAS TAKEN UP TO HEAVEN." (Lk.24:46-53) Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord

Heaven is REAL!

Where is heaven? We do not know. But the proper question is "How?"

Faith in the Lord, who ascends into heaven, reminds us that we too can enter heaven.

Why? Jesus gives us, like the disciples, His grace and blessing. At the event of the ascension, Jesus "raised his hands, and blessed them."

The way to heaven is: "To Look Up," "To Look Down," and "To Look Around."

"Look Up" to heaven as our final goal. Make it the purpose of living. We are made for heaven.

"Look Down" to our earthly mission: to proclaim the message of repentance and the forgiveness of sins - the Gospel.

"Look Around!" Jesus calls us to serve as He served. There are those who live in "hell," who needed to hear about the message of heaven.

The way up there (in heaven) is down here (through our earthly mission). Like St. Therese, may we spend heaven by doing good things here on earth.

Today is World Communications Sunday. May we communicate the things of heaven. ASCEND!