Long, long time ago

The Word of Salvation was sent

Containing a plan: God’s life for all,

The knowledge of Truth

For all to be saved!

But so many of our people

And of our many leaders, too

Have failed to accept the Word

And to recognize Him, the Savior.

They have condemned Him

To be quiet in a corner,

Or they have excluded Him

From the context of life.

They have even killed Him on a cross

The cross of rejection and hatred

But without any possible ground.

By doing so, they have condemned

Themselves to a slow and - yes -

To a senseless agony and death

Making so many people suffer.

But Jesus is fully alive and active

And many are his witnesses:

Pope Francis and several others.

Let all people here in our country

And in the whole world, too

accept Jesus: the Way and the Truth

And the Life. Our greatest

And priceless treasure, too.

All you brothers and sisters,

Come to your senses

And welcome Him

Who calls you and all

Giving life and life forever.