"...as clay in the hands of the potter”...

1.Missionary spirituality


This is the way I would describe it: “In the hands of God as clay in the hands of the potter”.

And this is a prayer that expresses it well: “Father, mould us and fashion us into the image of Jesus, you Son”.

2.Missionary spirituality

When I was a young man in formation to become a missionary, I felt that in the seminary there was a heavy atmosphere of voluntarism. So often I was told that I was supposed to be like a soldier fighting with courage on the battle field of life. Surely God would help me.

2.Missionary spirituality

As I went on in my journey, I realized that the only thing I could do for my growth and for a creative missionary life, was to cooperate with God. This is the conviction I have now: He is the one who gives life, he is the one who saves, he is the one who sustains us and what we are called do is to welcome him and his action in order to cooperate with him and to have a deep experience of his love which is eternal, freely given and beyond every human expectation and evaluation. God says: “Let me carry you in my arms. I am not your helper to give you a hand. I am the God who speaks and acts to give you fullness of life”.

2.Missionary spirituality

As we live, allowing God to transform us into the image of Christ and to make us one in the Spirit, we assume our responsibilities In the world and face the realities of life with faith and courage. We live in a concrete manner our being children of God, open to the Word made flesh and to the Spirit. Only in this way through prayer, celebrating the sacraments and in charity, the life of each person is transformed, the Church is renewed and we continue to contribute to the transformation of the  world by God.