Vocation Promotion


by Sr. Florencia Constantino in Lasang


    Eight young women from Lasang and the neighboring  barangays  responded to our invitation to attend the  vacation and life’ s  direction  awareness activities that we organized last February 3, 2013. They were  college students and majority of them  will be  graduating  this March 2013.  Five of them are first timers and three had already attended the previous  search-in that we conducted .
    So we divided the participants  into two groups to give them their corresponding  activity. We started the session with an opening prayer  for both groups to attune them spirituality to the activity that will be given to them. Sr. Caridad  Ramirez handled the first group and  Sr. Florencia Constantino took charge of those who had already undergone the search-in. Sr. Eufemia Pomado  also participated in the  deepening activity. The girls  manifested great interest, enthusiasm and seriousness in performing the activities given to them and during the group sharing they  were very  open, spontaneous and sincere. From their sharing we could deduce that some of  them  have the seeds of vocation to religious life and they need follow-up.
    We ended the afternoon with a shared prayer  where they expressed spontaneously their joy, contentment and gratitude to God for what they went through in the course of the activities especially their experience of God’s unconditional love for them and the gift of life that God had given them that they have to treasure and value very much. They also expressed their desire  to continue this kind of encounter which they valued very much.  In response to their yearning we set another session this summer vacation.             

Sr. Caridad Ramirez with the  group who came for the first time  having their session on “Description of  Ones  Present Reality through Symbols”

Sr. Florencia Constantino with three girls who had already attended the previous search-ins    
sharing their desires and dreams  in life.  


The eight girls who attended  the search-in held in Lasang, Davao City last February 3, 2013   

The reading of the Word of God  during the Opening Prayer held in the Prayer Room of the community.