Manresans Join Ciudad Nuevo in Celebrating Mother Foundress' Feast day

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On the Feast of Mother Foundress, Manresans shared a meaningful celebration of St. Candida Maria de Jesus...

 The growing Church of Ciudad Nuevo, Naic in the province of Cavite, Philippines, is a small Church composed of people with diverse traditions, orientations and perspectives in life. However, the diversity was never a hindrance to their unity and faith in the Lord. They have experienced His love and share this love to another. “This community will soon become a parish Church and will be called the Parish Church of Saint Candida.” Rev. Fr. Nestor Isagani Avinante announced this to the community during the Eucharistic celebration last August 10, 2019. Indeed, everyone felt what the Lord wanted – a Church that love God and hope in Him.



Thanks to the Hijas de Jesus Sisters who taught and inspired people to seek the will of God and to discover a special love of Saint Candida for them. St. Candida’s Feast day 2019 was truly a joyous celebration with so much love and thanksgiving… a parish – in- the -making…


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On that early morning, the people prepared bread which decorated her float. This became a source of joy for every one because after the mass each one got a chance to get a piece of bread.

The float was full of bread instead of flowers, a symbol of Saint Candida‘s great love for the poor.


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Owning a picture of St. Candida and putting it on the altar symbolizes the community’s love and devotion to her. It’s like having a special someone who inspires your day and lifts you up when you are down and troubled.


Despite the rain or the bad weather, the community went on with their procession. Such was their faith and the persistence, that God must have been happy. No wonder, the rain stopped that even a four-year old child uttered, “O sabi ko sa inyo hihinto, tara na!” (Oh, I told you that the rain would stop. Let’s go!)



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It was such a meaningful Eucharistic celebration. The people were deeply moved by the simplicity and sincerity of the prayers, songs and the message of the Gospel. God has spoken to them through Father Gani. He reminded them about the desire of Saint Candida when she said, “Maliit ang mundo para sa aking hangarin.” He shared with the convinction that God wills to put up a parish Church in that place for them to know how much He loves them, with Saint Candida as their inspiration. The Sisters, teachers and staff of Manresa School who came to celebrate with them saw a people who have so much love and devotion to Saint Candida Maria de Jesus.


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This is a community who will always remember that God is our Father and we are all brothers and sisters… a community which will forever be inspired by what Saint Candida said, “The world is too small for my desire.”