"Hello Love, Goodbye" Hearters: Well-wishing, Welcoming, and Praying

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           "The story of life quicker than theblink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye." - Jimi Hendrix . This message resonates the mission story of the Hijas sisters whose presence

and ministry in school, though temporary, has made great impact on the lay who collaborate in the mission shared with us by Mother Foundress, St. Candida Maria de Jesus.

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The educative family of Sacred Heart School - Hijas de Jesus takes a special moment to reminisce and savor God's gracious gifts in the persons of Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I., the new Indico-Pacific Provincial Superior of Hijas de Jesus, and Sr. Georgita Hormiliosa, F.I., the newly-appointed Legal Representative of Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus.

Sr. Lynn has been with the school for a little more than a school year, helping and guiding us to reflect and discern our direction as we deepen our commitment to a culture of sharing and innovations, keeping the inspiration of St. Candida aflamed in our hearts. Now that she is called to greater heights of service in the mission as Provincial Superior, we storm the heavens with our prayers that she be steeped with wisdom, compassion, joy, and good health as she continues to propagate the charism of Mother Foundress in all apostolic centers in the entire Indico-Pacific province.

We warmly welcome Sr. Gette who will continue to be the pillar, mentor, inspiration-giver, and silent mobilizer for all members of the SHS-HdJ educative family. She continues to challenge us to be creative and take a leap of faith to be in touched with our BEING and be undaunted in exploring all possibilities of BECOMING the cheerful conveyor of God's Love to others, especially to our young people, as Mother Foundress desired for us to do.

A simple but meaningful program is initiated by the Faculty-Staff club officers. This convoked the teachers, staff, and personnel to express our grateful well-wishing, warm welcoming, and sincere prayers for our Hijas sisters. Our kindred hearts beat one rhythm- the melody of God's Joy and Love:
Sr. Lynn, thank you and till we meet again...Godspeed!
Hello Sr. Gette... we joyfully look forward to having adventures and wonders with you.
Dearest sisters, our lives have been blessed by your persons.