1mscoll   The educative community of Manresa School gathered together as a family during the Flag Ceremony on September 16, 2019 and had a warm welcome to Sr. Emelinda C. Falsis, F.I. the new Provincial Superior of Indico – Pacific Province.


          Sr. Emelinda was the former Principal and Representative of the Congregation in the Apostolic Works at Manresa School and the Legal Representative for three months this SY 2019 – 2020. She was formally introduced to the student body and school personnel as the newly assigned Provincial Superior of the Congregation of Hijas de Jesus. It was a touching moment when Sr. Emelinda shared her Words of Inspiration to everyone. She stressed an important character trait of a leader which is being humble when given an opportunity to handle bigger responsibilities. Her message on the value of humility as each one serves in the mission gave an impact to us in the community particularly in accepting our giftedness, blessings and shortcomings; and to humble ourselves is to accept that God loves us and He takes care of our needs.

          Her sharing of the fruitful and meaningful years in Manresa School from SY 2009– 2010 to 2014 – 2015 as the school head wherein she deeply felt the love of God through the joys and pains in her service to the mission was a humble revelation of her zeal and great love for the mission. Sr. Emelinda also expressed to all Manresans that she loves being in the school but she has to make a sacrifice because her service in the mission of Hijas de Jesus Congregation has to consider the apostolic mission in the Philippines, Japan and Bangladesh.

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          She invited everyone to raise their right hand and offer a prayer for her. The complete silence and a very reflective moment were captured when the student body, faculty, staff, members of the administration and F.I. Sisters offered a personal prayer for her new mission. The solemn community “pray over” to Sr. Emelinda left us a message that we are a community where God’s love unites us as we give our sincere support and love to the new Provincial Superior in her response to the call of the Church and in sharing her gift of person to Christ ‘s mission. This encounter genuinely speaks of our collaboration in the shared mission where everyone is called to participate.