F.I. NYA 2024 Day Three

MAR 05

F.I. NYA 2024 Day Three

Walk with Creation

Hijas, Hijos roam Iloilo. The participants of the F.I. National Youth Assembly (NYA) spent their first day of March exploring the beauties that Iloilo holds.

On the third day of the 4-day event, all F.I. schools left Colegio de Inmaculada Concepcion Inc. in Pototan, Iloilo, to embark on the day’s scheduled activities outside the premises. The delegations headed to different municipalities in Iloilo, namely Maasin and Iloilo City, visited some of the sister schools. 

A Prayer Walk for Creation and Tree Planting in Maasin, Iloilo


One of the highlights of the NYA was the "prayer walk" and tree-planting activity in Maasin, Iloilo. The participants connected with nature, emphasizing the importance of gratitude for the blessings bestowed by God. As environmental issues loom large, the NYA activities aimed to instill a sense of responsibility among the youth towards the preservation of the environment. The tree planting initiative was a step towards reconstructing the Earth, teaching the students the significance of planting trees to combat climate change.

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The delegates expressed their gratitude for the gift of life while also learning about the lifestyle of the Maasinanon people, known as the bamboo capital of Iloilo. The use of bamboo in their homes, appliances, and decorations reflects their commitment to sustainable living.

SJCHA Visit: A Warm Welcome and Cultural Exchange

After the tree-planting activity, the delegates returned to Saint James Catholic High School, where they were greeted with joy and hospitality. The students performed a glimpse of the Tultugan Festival, showcasing the richness of bamboo and its various functions. Mayor Francis Amboy, a proud graduate of Saint James Catholic High School, welcomed the visitors, expressing how the school played a crucial role in his journey to becoming a mayor.


With the warm assistance of the Jamesians, the NYA participants enjoyed snacks and lunch at the school campus, fostering unity and fraternity between the schools

Musical at CHJ: Unveiling the Roots of the Hijas Schools


The connection between all Hijas schools through St. Candida was explored in a musical performance at Colegio de las Hijas de Jesus (CHJ). The musical narrated the life of St. Candida from childhood to sainthood, bringing together alumni and current students for an emotional and heartfelt performance. The unity and fraternity between different Hijas schools, regardless of their locations, were emphasized, connecting the NYA participants to the teachings and beliefs of the Mother Foundress.

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Praise and Worship: Overcoming Challenges for a Memorable Night

On the evening of March 1, a power outage caused a delay in the program, challenging the organizers of the praise and worship activity. Despite technical difficulties such as a lack of proper sound systems and lighting, Manresa School led the worship session. The songs "Have You Heard" by Feast Worship, "Leaves" by Ben & Ben, and "Oceans" by Hillsong echoed through the night, creating a memorable and spiritually uplifting conclusion to the National Youth Assembly.

The whole day served as a reminder of the importance of environmental stewardship, cultural exchange and appreeciation, and spiritual unity among the youth.

by Jennina Carmell S. Reyes, Alicia Mae P. Relampagos, and Denise Beatrice C. Siccio