A Reflection on “Becoming Spirit-filled Evangelizers in the Culture of Communication Today”

OCT 14

A Reflection on “Becoming Spirit-filled Evangelizers in the Culture of Communication Today”

My name is Spencer Bryant Yu, and I attended the talk today October 14, 2022, on how to become a spirit-filled evangelizer in the area of communication. I was very intrigued as soon as the speaker began by saying new technologies today have made our communication faster, but not necessarily better. In addition to that, he also said that communication in our culture today is more determined by emotions rather than logic or rationality. It centers more on entertainment rather than more important aspects of our lives. He went on to further describe and enumerate the realities of today where advancements in communication have managed to fail us and bring us further apart. He was also able to describe to us different aspects of Catholic teachings that are closely associated with communication, such as the Holy Trinity, Sin, Heaven, and even the Church itself as a wide and vast network for communication.

Finally, he ended with concrete actions and criteria in order to become better communicators to others through the use of the 7C’s: Clarity, Connectivity, Creativity, Courage, Commitment, Collaboration, and Charity. Overall, this was a talk that was able to keep me interested because of how ongoing and relevant it is to our present-day society. I feel like for most of us here in Senior High, now is a time for change and self-improvement amongst ourselves. We went through almost 3 years of the pandemic, and most of us really ended up having problems within ourselves and with our peers. Many of my friends and I are starting to better ourselves because we understand that it is the right time since we are moving on to college soon. That is why the talk was able to speak to me on a deeper level. It taught me how to interact in a better and more immersive way with my friends and even with strangers. It provided ways how to be clearer with the message I am trying to send out, and I think it is a good mindset that goes well with our MIL subject.

However, I did notice that most of the talk was centered on how to work better with other people while also making use of the advancements in technology today in a proper and appropriate manner. This, made me wonder, “How can we ensure that we are using technology today for the betterment of ourselves and the people around us and not just as a simple distraction or a coping method for the stress

by Spencer Bryant Yu (Grade 12 - St. Lorenzo Ruiz, Sacred Heart School-Hijas de Jesus)