Sr. Emelinda Falsis’ Visit to FI Community, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

JUN 07

Sr. Emelinda Falsis’ Visit to FI Community, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Sr. Emelinda Falsis made her first pastoral visit to the community of Mae Hong Son, Thailand from May 20 to 27,2024.  Coincidentally, she arrived together with the Papal Nuncio in Thailand. The Sisters introduced her to the Papal Nuncio, the priests, and other people whom the Sisters knew. One could just imagine the joy and excitement.
              With Yonal -the JRS Mae Hong Son Project Director 
              With the priests 

The following day, May 21, Sr. Emelinda, Sr. Elvenia, Sr. Evelyn, and Sr. Pilar went to  Ban Mai Nai Soi Refugee Camp to join the refugees in welcoming the Papal Nuncio.  A confirmation mass was celebrated. 274 children received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the Papal Nuncio.  After the mass was the inter-faith prayer for peace and cultural presentations. To have joined in this celebration was also one of the blessings of the visit. 

                  Karenni Traditional Dance                                                                              
 with the Papal Nuncio- Archbishop   Peter Bryan Wells
  The Sisters also took time to reflect on the LOGO of the XIX General Congregation in the light of CFI 318 and following Sr. Lyn’s guide questions: 
The LOGO reflects the Sisters’ personal and accompaniment journey with the refugees and the Displaced People whom they are serving.  Some of the main points of the sharing are: 
•    Each one of us is called to work for the well-being of the congregation through the mission we received from her. 
•    Hope in Jesus is the origin of our being. If we lost this hope we also lost our way and our way to Jesus is through the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Star of our way.  This is the same path that we are leading the people we serve. We accompany them … walking with them side by side.  The pace might not be the same, others might be slow but the most important is we continue moving. 
•    Like an open circle, we are opening ourselves to opportunities that make our interior spiritual life like a spiral that goes deeper as we continue in our journey. 
Sr. Emelinda left the Sisters with 4 points to continue reflecting. 
1.     To preserve the well-being of the congregation with Christ as the source.
2.    Union of hearts while preserving one’s identity 
3.    Find Christ in the work – not only focusing on the suffering. 
4.    Live the Gospel in our daily life in total dependence on God, our Father.
 Fr. Suthie, the assistant parish priest, celebrated a Thanksgiving mass on a Friday. The visit culminated with the prayer service and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament where each one shared her gratitude and experience of God. 
The best part of the visit was the accompaniment of Sr. Emelinda on the initial discernment process of the community for the transfer to another house that could provide the Sisters with space and a healthy atmosphere proper for religious life.


Thank you Sr. Emelinda for the visit … short but with significance. Thank you for your continuous support and accompaniment. May God give you, all the graces you need as you lead the province on where God wants us to be.

The Community of Hijas de Jesus, Thailand
Sr. Elvenia, Sr. Evelyn, and Sr. Pilar.